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Berapa biaya kuliah di universitas brawijaya??? lihat di laman info terbaru pendidikan....

Udah bulan maret !!! Cari tahu info sekolahan

The Malang Flower & Fashion Festival, then called MF3, an annual event to promote horticulture and the celebration of Malang Kota anniversary. The event was designed to attract attention of fashion world and also tourism from local and international.
The event will be held on the public road as "on the street fashion show", showing the model with bright talent with their clothes design with theme "flower".

The event offer the visitor will got a taste of "flower" in fashion. It is not only making it "exotic" and "nature", it is also to enhance the creativity of the clothes designer. The event invite young designer and  student around Kota Malang to join and show their innovative designs. A series of fringe activities during the show period, including music and dance performances, floral art demonstrations, and fashion shows.